A Rigorous Inspection Process

Ensuring Your New Austin Home Exceeds Standards: A Rigorous Inspection Process

When buying a new home at George, you can trust that a rigorous inspection process ensures your home exceeds all standards.

Here’s a breakdown of the key inspections involved:

For Single-Family Homes (SFDs):

  1. City of Austin (CoA) Inspections
  • Slab Plumbing & Electric: Ensures proper installation before pouring the foundation.
  • Pre-Drywall Group Inspections: Checks electric, plumbing, mechanical, and framing.
  • Shear Wall & Weather-Resistant Barrier (WRB): Third-party inspection for structural integrity and moisture protection.
  • Insulation: Ensures energy efficiency.
  • Final Quality Assurance (QA): Comprehensive final check.
  • Wallboard: Third-party inspection of drywall installation.
  • Foundation Engineering Letter & Termite Protection: Stamped and certified by professionals.
  1. Burgess Inspections
  • WRB & Shear Wall: Additional layer of verification.
  • Pre-Drywall (MEP & Frame): Ensures all systems are correctly installed before drywall.
  • Drywall Wallboard Inspection: Verifies proper drywall installation.
  1. Copeland Engineer
  • Foundation Pre-Pour & Frame: Stamped letter confirming structural soundness.

For Townhomes (THs):

  1. City of Austin (CoA) Inspections
  • Slab Plumbing & Electric: Initial checks before foundation work.
  • Pre-Drywall Inspections: Separate inspections for electric, plumbing/gas, and mechanical systems.
  • Frame Inspection: Ensures proper construction.
  • Insulation & Wallboard: Verifies energy efficiency and drywall installation.
  • Final Inspections: Comprehensive check for each discipline (electric, plumbing, mechanical, frame).
  1. Burgess Inspections
  • WRB & Frame: Ensures structural integrity and moisture protection.
  1. ECS Inspectors
  • Concrete Testing & Pre-Pour: Verifies concrete quality and foundation readiness.
  • Frame, Shear Wall, & Firecaulk: Additional safety checks.
  1. Leap Engineer
  • Pre-Pour & Frame Inspections: Stamped approval for structural integrity.

For Both SFDs and THs:

  1. Greenzone Inspections
  • Ductblast at Frame & Final: Ensures HVAC system efficiency.
  • HERs Inspection: Verifies overall energy efficiency of the home.

At George the comprehensive inspection process is designed to ensure every aspect of your home exceeds industry standards. From the foundation to the final touches, every detail is scrutinized to provide you with a safe, efficient, and high-quality home.

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